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Great place for daily updates on happening and events in the Red River Valley. Amazing outlet for local organization to get some exposure and promote events. Finally excellent coverage of local politics, sports and race adventures.


I love listening to the Dirty Thursday podcast while I’m at work. Its the best podcast in the state of North Dakota they always have a good attitude on the podcast which makes it fun to listen to.


Best people ever!!! Lots of interesting topics and have something for everyone. They feature the arts, dirt track racing, politics, sports, local events and handle the uncomfortable topics too. Paul and Jon are great guys and super professional.


Dirty Thursdays is by far the highlight of my work week. Being able to hear from the different view points in the racing community is awesome not to mention all the stories. Never a long enough segment. Keep up the good work!


I look forward to listening to GFBS everyday. I really enjoy getting to hear everything that is going on locally. The guests are local and the news is local. Best Source for local news!


A great voice mixed with a lot of experience. You can’t go wrong.


Great to see local brought to Grand Forks! This is by far the best source to get information now!


Love this format! I also appreciate what these guys are doing with their program and keeping things local and real. Congratulations and best of luck to you guys!


If your looking for local news, sports and event info. Then look no further then GFBS. It’s fun and entertaining and best of all it’s all related to the Red River Valley.After one listen you will want more


Jon Robert’s.. is “THE VOICE” of Grand Forks.. AWESOME to know his mellow tones will be heard once again in the Forx !


Finally someone decided Grand Forks can have a voice all it’s own.