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Meet Jon Roberts

Host Jon Roberts brings over 35 years of broadcasting experience to Grand Forks Best Source. The legendary voice of the world-famous bullring at River Cities Speedway, Jon has long been a passionate supporter of the Grand Forks community and its people.  

An avid outdoorsman, Jon enjoys spending time fishing on the Red River. He especially likes catfishing with his beloved Red River Catfish Club and hunting for local game.

A music devotee, Jon’s eclectic taste includes everything from the Bee Gees to Greta Van Fleet, and like any true man of the North, he loves beer!

Meet Paul Krenelka

Paul Krenelka Owner & CEO of Grand Forks Best Source (GFBS) started his education pursuing a career in the Fine Arts with an emphasis on Oil Painting and Drawing. Like all great artist’s this led Paul down the path of being a waiter to make ends meet, but because of Paul’s hard work ethic and attention to detail he worked his way through the ranks of general management and has successfully grown multiple companies. With over 15 years of management and sales experience he knows the value of getting a solid return on your advertising dollar and knows how to meet your local advertising needs. A family man now Paul decided to leave the corporate world to create his own legacy for his children to inherit. This is what brought Paul to come up with the idea of GFBS. Growing up in Grand Forks and watching the town lose its local news station and newspaper Paul saw the future of podcasts as a means to bring media back to the community, giving Grand Forks an identity again! When he isn’t working, Paul spends his time riding his motorcycle and soaking up the wind therapy. He also enjoys taking his family on camping trips to see and spend time in nature. Paul understands the enjoyment of fine dining and a good glass of Pinot Noir. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Meet Katie Stauss

Katie Stauss is a Video Producer at Grand Forks Best Source, assisting show production both on and off camera. With an interest in social media management, graphic design and videography, Katie adds creativity that helps make Grand Forks Best Source an innovative business. As social media continues to evolve, so will the need for media technicians.

Katie attends the University of North Dakota, majoring in Communications. She’s an essential member of the UND Tennis Club Team during the school year, along with assistant coaching girls’ tennis at Grand Forks Central High School in the Spring. During the winter, she’s an avid UND College Hockey Fan while in the warmer months, attends local racing at River Cities Speedway every Friday night. Notably, Katie has emerged in the world of “Dirt Track Racing,” by partnering with Wes Irwin, (also known as ‘Living Like Outlaws’) who’s affiliated with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Sprint Car Series. While stationary in Grand Forks, and her background of video editing, she’s help making Living Like Outlaws a brand of its own.

Meet Kit Brenan

Common Sense UnSensored is hosted by Kit Brenan. Kit has been working in Marketing and Sales for 40+ years, and has been a business teacher and program head at Northland Community College for the last 20 years. She also co-owns two companies with her husband, Burce. Not only is Kit is a passionate conservative and constitutional scholar, she is a royal pain in the ass of established political hacks on both sides of the aisle.

Meet Dr. Dan Stanislowski

Dr. Dan Stanislowski is the Chief Science Officer of Midwest Public Health Coalition, an organization dedicated to providing true information to people on areas of public health concern. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and has developed knowledge of many subjects in an effort to understand and to share truth about what is happening to us and our world.

Meet Bill Deutsch

Bill Deutsch is a former University of North Dakota running back. He graduated from UND in 1977 majoring in Communications. He is also the former record holder of numerous rushing records. Bill is now retired from a career in Sales and lives in Grand Forks. He enjoys golfing and attending UND sporting events. He is also a proud Dad to three and Grandpa of four.

Meet Monty Stensland

Monty Stensland is a sports expert! He has been playing sports since he was a young kid and even played in the Men’s City Basketball League for 40 years. He was also a color commentator for high school hockey broadcasts along with our very own Jon Roberts for 5 years. He is a well recognized scholar and lawyer having practiced law in the Grand Forks area for 25 years after graduating from UND with a Juris Doctorate degree in 1991. He and his wife have lived right here in Grand Forks for 35+years so he has his thumb on the pulse of all the local sports.

Meet Dale Kulas

Dale Kulas is the host of two podcasts at Grand Forks Best Source: our entertainment review show: Big Screens & TV Streams, and our video game show: Midwest Super Pixel Pros. He is born and raised in Grand Forks and studied journalism at Northland Community & Technical College. Dale worked in the video game press and podcast scene for nearly two decades before joining Grand Forks Best Source and has been writing about films and television for the last ten years as well.

Aside from being an ardent game player and consumer of film and television, Dale also is a yoga fiend and an avid runner, having finished countless races ranging from 5Ks all the way to 50K ultra-marathons. Dale is still active with multiple writing projects and can occasionally be found whittling away on his laptop with a tall cup of coffee, either at the Grand Forks Best Source studios or at a random coffee shop in Grand Forks.

Meet Icky Ichabod

Icky Ichabod studied psychology, law, and literature at Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks, MN. He is a major wrestling fan and loves old horror films. He is a “Family Guy” and currently resides in a toxic waste dump. You can find him every Friday night at 9:00 pm on GFBS with the latest episodes of Icky Ichabod’s Weird Cinema and Weird Wrestling. And as per Ichabod, “If you don’t watch the shows, the squids will come for you!

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